Being successful as a real estate agent can be very difficult.  A lot of the time, you work day in and day out to put together deals — only to have your commission checks sliced into a fraction of the whole by brokerage fees, hidden charges, and overbearing commission splits. It’s important to identify and become part of your “tribe,” the group of people that will help you reach your full potential as an agent.

That’s why a lot of agents are choosing to join 100% Commission Real Estate Companies a brokerage model that allows you to take home 100% of your commission on all your deals with zero brokerage splits! 

The way these brokerages tend to work is that you pay a monthly or yearly fee to cover the things that your brokerage provides for you: office spaces, support, training, and — if you’re working with a good brokerage — personalized marketing materials. This is a flat fee that you pay, regardless of how many homes you sell each week, month, or year. 

So why are so many agents choosing to work with 100% commission brokerages? Let’s look at the 13 top reasons:

More money

When you work with a 100% Commission Brokerage, that’s exactly what you get — 100% of your commission! That means you can stop worrying about giving away a piece of each transaction to your brokerage; you just pay a flat fee, and then take home 100% of the commission on all your sales!

More Transparency

Traditional brokerages are designed to be confusing. They hide as much as possible about the payment structures, fees, and commission splits so they can trick you into taking less than you are worth. With a 100% commission structure, you don’t have to worry about that — it’s simple, easy, and clear. 

More Flexibility

With traditional real estate brokerages, you might have monthly or yearly sales quotas, and you have to change who you are to match their standards and restrictions. That’s because, in that outdated model, the brokerage makes all of their money off of your hard work — and they think they know what’s best for you!

With a 100% Commission model, the brokerage isn’t breathing down your neck to hit certain numbers or follow a specific brand. You have the flexibility to run your business however you’d like!

More Freedom

This goes hand-in-hand with the flexible nature of a 100% Commission Brokerage — without the restrictions of a traditional real estate model, you have the freedom to sell as many or as few homes as you want, without worrying about the brokerage taking a huge cut of each sales commission. 

Do you have a team of agents under you? Do you prefer to work as a solo agent? With a 100% Commission model, it doesn’t matter: you have the freedom to personalize your business without worrying about a restrictive, big-box brokerage!

More Control

No, this doesn’t mean that the broker will have more control over you — you’ll have more control over yourself! Full Commission brokerages allow you to have more control over your finances, your time, and your business! 

This doesn’t mean that a 100% brokerage is going to leave you out in the cold; it just means that you are empowered to choose what’s best for you and your business!

More Training

Did you know that the vast majority of real estate agents only last a few years in the business before failing? There’s a reason for this — very few real estate professionals get the training and mentorship that they need to build a successful business!

Most big-box agencies don’t care enough to train you; they’d rather send you out into the field and let you sink or swim. But because 100% Commission brokerages aren’t reliant on taking a cut of your commission to make a profit, they can offer you the training and mentorship you need to really learn the world of real estate and reach your full potential!

The best full-commission brokerages will work with expert real estate coaching services to provide absolutely top-notch training — which is why beREAL agents can access the best real estate coaching from the HyperFast Agent Academy!

Less Overhead

One of the most stressful parts about working with a traditional, restrictive real estate brokerage is the amount of overhead on each deal. The typical brokerage will nickel and dime you on each deal, slowly siphoning away huge portions of your hard-earned money, even after the commission split. 

When it comes to your income, you don’t want any surprises — so it’s great to be able to reduce these overhead fees and know exactly how much you’ll be taking home from each deal. By getting rid of surprise fees and overhead costs, 100% Commission brokerages give you more surety and stability, so you can stay focused on selling more homes and building your business

More Support

You might be asking yourself — ‘If I work with a flat-fee brokerage, will I be stuck on my own without support?’

In fact, it’s the opposite! The 100% Commission Brokerage model allows for each agent to have just as much (and often more!) support as a smaller traditional brokerage — and far more personalized support than they would get from a big-box brokerage. 

You can get support through every step of the process, whenever you need it. This includes office spaces; printing services contract and legal support; and access to listing coordination. A brokerage should be there to help you, not keep you from doing your job!

More Guidance

Gone are the days when real estate agents had to figure out everything for themself because their broker couldn’t be bothered to guide them through the process! With the new model of the 100% Commission Brokerage,  you can get all the guidance and assistance you need from industry veterans. Don’t get stuck trying to learn everything on your own — when you work with the right brokerage, you will be able to get help from people who have been where you are going!

More Tools

Here’s the great thing about working with a broker that uses a cutting-edge commission model — they’re almost always on the cutting-edge of the rest of the real estate business, too! You can take advantage of the most advanced tools for finding homes, generating hot leads, and marketing yourself and your listings. 

The best brokerages will include technologies like geofence advertising, hyper-advanced Client Relationship Management tools, and top-of-the-line marketing materials, all curated and maintained by a dedicated team of support professionals — so you can focus all your efforts on getting the best deal for your clients!

Less Hassle

One common goal of high-quality real estate agents is to reduce stress and hassle for their clients — but those same agents are dealing with unnecessary stress from their broker! The traditional brokerage model is intrusive, which can lead many real estate professionals with the extra strain of trying to figure out the complex innards of their financial agreement — when they could be out finding and winning homes!

More Deals

With the average big-box, traditional model, the brokerage simply doesn’t give real estate agents what they need to succeed. Usually, their invasive business strategy leads brokers to be apathetic towards the success of each individual agent — because they make money off of having a lot of agents in their system, even though each one might only be doing a few deals each year. 

What makes this even more of a problem for agents is that the standard model encourages internal competition. Because ‘teammates’ are all fighting for leads, listings, and deals, they are discouraged from sharing opportunities with each other. This hurts the agents — because they miss out on deals and collaborative opportunities — but it also is a negative for clients! If the agent isn’t empowered to find deals internally, they might not be able to help someone find the best deal on their home. 

When you join a 100% Commission Brokerage,  the broker provides the services, training, and opportunities that you need to succeed — while also fostering a community of cooperation!

The key benefit of this model is that it engenders collaboration within the brokerage without stifling the creativity or independence of each agent or team. 

Because the most important reason to join a 100% Commission Brokerage is…

More YOU

When it comes down to it, the most vital part of your real estate business is you. Whether you are part of a team or work as a solo entrepreneur, your venture can’t exist without you to keep it going.

The 100% Commission model recognizes and respects this fact. That’s why full-commission brokerages work to provide what you need to succeed, rather than the other way around. It’s also why beREAL lets agents have complete control over their marketing and branding, so you can craft an image that pops and showcases your personality to the clients!

If you are interested in making more money by taking home 100% of your real estate commissions, then working with beREAL might be the perfect option for you!

BeREAL was started by Keri Shull and Dan Lesniak, two billion-dollar agents who were tired of seeing other real estate professionals struggling to meet their goals due to restrictive brokerages. After creating their own real estate team — the Keri Shull Team — and a real estate coaching service — HyperFast Agent — they knew that the next step was to build a new kind of brokerage…one designed to help you!

If you want to learn more about beREAL or how you can get started taking home 100% of your commissions, then we want to speak with you! Just click here to schedule a time to speak with us about how you can get involved!