It might seem like being a real estate agent is a very solitary job, but any agent will tell you how important it is to find the right company to work for. As is the case in any other career, working with the wrong employer can cause you unnecessary stress and even stall your real estate business. 

And, considering how many agents fail to turn real estate into a full-time dream job, any disadvantage like this could be disastrous!

So if you want to ensure that you are able to thrive as an agent — or if you are interested in taking your part-time real estate business into a full-time career — then you need to make sure that you are working for a good company. And today, we want to share 5 things with you that you should keep in mind when exploring your options!

1. Study the Commission Splits

Unsurprisingly, knowing the details of the commission is a pretty big deal for a lot of agents. Whenever you sell a home and get a portion of the value as commission, you then will split that sum with your brokerage. 

Each real estate company will have a different approach to how they split the commission. Before you make any decision, look up a real estate commission split comparison to see whether their strategy aligns with what you want. 

For less-experienced agents, a lot of brokerages will offer a 50/50 split. This means that half of each commission check you get will go directly to the broker — and that’s not counting any extra fees or charges that you need to pay!

There are other options, of course. Some real estate companies offer more attractive splits, even up to 80%. But if you are looking for who really has the best commission split in real estate, then look no further than beREAL’s 100% Commission model!

Because beREAL is a 100% commission real estate service, you get to keep the full commission on your deals. You don’t pay outrageous splits or transaction fees — so the money that you make actually goes into your pocket!

2. Train Yourself for Success

One of the most shocking secrets about the real estate industry is that most companies simply don’t train their real estate agents. Instead, inexperienced professionals are sent out to either sink or swim

There are real estate coaching services out there that will show you how to succeed in your business. The best coaches are industry veterans who can teach you the keys to surviving — and thriving — in the competitive world of real estate. 

But this external training works best if you already have a solid foundation! That’s why it’s important to consider which real estate company has the best training when you are looking for a new broker. 

Some real estate brokers will invest more than others into training each agent. These companies are setting themselves and their teammates up for instant success, while also building a good basis for future growth. 

At beREAL, we know how vital good real estate training is. That’s why we partnered with the HyperFast Academy to bring world-class training materials to all of our agents!

3. Get Top-Tier Support

The process of buying or selling a home is complicated — and just like most people need an agent’s help, agents can also use transaction support on their deals!

As a real estate agent, it is your role to connect buyers and sellers and be an expert on the local market. However, you can’t do these parts of your job if you are too bogged down in the details of each contract. That’s why it’s helpful for agents to have legal and transaction support on their side. 

Most real estate companies offer some sort of support for their agents, but it is usually quite costly. On any given deal, you might be asked to pay a ludicrous transaction fee — and that’s on top of the portion of your commission that you are already paying to the brokerage!

So what are you supposed to do if you want to get the best support possible but don’t want to pay absurd fees?

Well, the right real estate company will have the tools that you need without charging over the top transaction costs! Under the agreement that beREAL makes with our agents, transaction support is covered by the simple, monthly subscription charge. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting nickel-and-dimed on each deal. Instead, you can focus your attention on selling more homes, helping more families, and making more money!

4. Become a High-Tech Agent

Let’s face it: the real estate industry isn’t the same as it once was. It’s not enough to simply go door-knocking and put signs out on the highway — the top agents are using high-tech solutions to dominate their market. 

On top of powerful Client Relationship Management tools and lead generation tech, some future-thinking brokerages are harnessing the power of technology for unique marketing opportunities. 

One example of this is beREAL’s access to geofence advertising tech. This tool allows beREAL agents to attract red-hot leads who are primed and ready to buy or sell a home. And the best part is, the full suite of high-tech tools is fully available to all beREAL agents! This means that you can get access to some of the world’s top home-selling strategies and technology in addition to keeping your full commission!  

5. Free Yourself From The Big-Box Model

The real estate world is due for a shake-up!

For too long, agents have been exploited by big-box brokerages that take huge commission cuts and give almost nothing in return. But with modern innovations in tech, strategy, and business structures, you have the chance to work with a real estate company that will actually invest in you and your success.  

In fact, this is why so many agents are flocking to beREAL. There are a ton of reasons to join a 100% commission real estate company — and one of the main ones is the freedom you can have!

At beREAL, we believe that you are the secret to your own success. It’s not our job to stand in your way — it’s our job to give you the tools that you need to be the best you can be!

So if you are ready to take your real estate business into your own hands and free yourself from the purgatory of big-box brokerages, then we want to have you with us. All you need to do is click here and schedule a time to speak with us about how you can hang your license with beREAL!