Ari S.

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and I that is the direct result of good planning from the very beginning.  Early in the process Greg had me fill out a two-column worksheet listing all my needs and wants in a new home. I think this exercise was invaluable for two reasons:  first, it ensured that Greg was only going to show me homes that reflected most of my needs/wants; and second, it allowed me to quantify the attributes of each location in a comparative way and pick the place that best met my goals.

I think Greg shined at the beginning and the end of the process.  I was rather naïve to the whole home-buying process and Greg was very good at explaining in an easy to understand way, how everything worked.  He gave me the confidence at the very beginning that I was working with a professional that was interested in making me comfortable through the home buying process.  Similarly, at the end of the process, Greg was great in coordinating with the lender, settlement attorney, and the seller’s agent to negotiate a settlement structure that met my best interests.

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